Demo machines

At Smicon we have extensive experience in handling a wide range of organic food stuff residues, this know-how allows us to provide you with expert advice on the best solution for your product. Experience shows that we can deliver the most effective guidance after a short demo has been undertaken by our clients. In doing so, you will get a much better insight into our work processes, a better understanding of the suitability of our machines and the resulting high quality of the end product. In this way our customers can best anticipate and communicate their real needs to us, allowing us to prepare a suitably aligned offer.

Our demo machines are easy to set up and install, with a SMICON employee on hand to advise you on the possible options. In this way you can focus your full attention on the testing process.

At the present time we have the following equipment and demo equipment available:

shredder with double shaft small
shredder with double shaft big
screw compression filter

To arrange a demonstration of the above equipment, please contact us today using the below contact form: