In 1980 Tonnie and Gerthy Smits set up a one-man business in Wanroij in the province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands, by the name of A. Smits Constructies bv. At the time its activities comprised supplies to the agricultural sector as well as repair work, the focus being on engineering activities for e.g. barn equipment and liquid feed installations. 

During these early years, the share of liquid feed installations, with pumps and piping as the essential product groups, steadily increased. In 1985 the company built its own plant. In the years that followed, manure processing and pumps for tankers also became focus areas. 

After another expansion in 1992, when a new plant and office were built, the company's facilities totalled 1500 square metres. The focus on engineering and machine manufacture for the agricultural sector gradually shifted towards other sectors, such as transport and industry. 

Customers from other sectors, such as the foodstuffs industry, the plastics processing industry, the pharmaceutical sector and hospitals, showed an increasing interest in the solutions the company has to offer. In 1995 a research and development department was set up, specifically targeting these new sectors. One of the new developments in that year was a machine for processing potato residual products. 

Since that time the product range has expanded significantly. An increasing number of devices and machines were developed and added to the existing product package that includes pumps, conveyor systems, piping and engineering activities. In 1999 the manufacturing plant was extended once again, this time specifically for the processing and erection of stainless steel structures. With this new build the total built-up area increased to 2250 sq.m. The company decided to increase its focus on the industrial sector, recycling and waste processing companies in particular. 

From 1995 onwards this resulted in an ever higher number of foreign contacts. Now Smicon products are also sold through foreign companies and dealers. Smicon's machines and systems have become successful export products and are installed in a great many countries. At present Smicon exports to countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, to the U.S., Canada and South Africa. 

In order to facilitate cooperation with our many international contacts the company was renamed to Smicon bv in 2004. The company's initial name, A. Smits Constructies bv, proved inadequate for properly presenting ourselves on the international marketplace. 

Once again, in 2010, the company expanded. A new plant was built, specifically for the assembly of turn-key projects and machines for clients in both the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time in-company logistics were optimised and a new warehouse was built. With this new build the company can serve its customers from its facilities that cover 3000 square metres.

In 2011 the capacity of the project office taking care of research, development and costing/work planning was extended to 7 full-time equivalent jobs so as to provide an even better service to existing and prospective clients.