Introduction of the most versatile food recycling machine: the SMIMO50

Introducing our newest machine, Smicon has focused on three key areas:

  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Maintainability

The most important area is the performance of the machine. The SMIMO50 can grind kitchen waste and SWILL up to 60 m³ per hour. The machine is also designed to depack packed foodwaste with a capacity up to 6 m³ per hour. The available power for the main axle can vary from 18kW to 75kW in different steps.

Flexibility is reached through multiple modes of the machine. The machine can grind product with high throughput and be modularly changed to a depacking machine for packed foodwaste. Therefore, you can grind product and depack packed foodwaste with the same installation in separate timeslots. This is fully compliant with the upcoming LAGA-konzept in Germany for the recycling of packed foodwaste. A totally new development and never seen before is a sorting screw. The sorting screw dispenses rejects from SWILL and is even suitable for light depacking.

Another focus area of the SMIMO50 is maintainability. The machine can be completely opened up which results in a very fast conversion from grinding to depacking or the other way around. This can be done within 15 minutes by two technicians. As the machine has the possibility to open up completely, it is also easy to clean the machine, change the filters or change the hammers.

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