Compact food waste recycling installation for North America

This week, a new turn-key depackaging installation for a customer in the United States of America will leave the production plant. This installation exists of a SMIMO120 depackaging machine in stainless steel, a stainless steel input bunker with bottom screws and several transportation screws to connect the installation in order to deliver a compact setup. This installation is the perfect combination for unpacking and recycling food waste from supermarkets or restaurants in high capacity (up to 35 m³ per hour). Despite, handling large volumes of food waste, the installation produces two highly  cleanly separated streams of packaging and organic material complying with the strictest laws and regulations.

This installation will be delivered in partnership with VAN DYK Recycling Solutions in California. The installation is pre-assembled in our production plant in the Netherlands before shipment to the USA. This results in a plug & play installation for our customer with remote assistance from Smicon. Through this method, Smicon can keep delivering turn-key installations for our customers overseas, keeping into account current travel restrictions.