Looking back at succesful neighbors day 2020

Saturday 26 September was National Neighbors Day. While citizens pay extra attention to their neighbors on that day, many companies do so the Friday before.

According to this tradition, another neighbors' day was organized on Friday 25 September at the Molenveld industrial estate in Wanroij. Neighboring companies were guests at Smicon to have a bite to eat outside, to chat or to get to know each other better. The neighborhood could also take a look at the assembly hall. Work is being done here on a prototype of a new machine and machines were ready for shipment to North America.

The employees of Smicon are grateful and have enjoyed the interest in our solutions in the field of food waste recycling. The neighbors have been able to see what we develop with a motivated group of employees, continuously optimize and deliver and commission all over the world together with a network of dealers.

Before 2021, a company is already prepared to continue this tradition as host!