NEW: Post processing plastics with the SP600

This month Smicon finished the development of a new machine, the SP600. The SP600 is a screw press with a diameter of 600 mm. The first machine which can post process plastic streams from the SMIMO depackaging machines (120 or 160) even further by weight reduction. The Smicon SP600 is a robust system and the housing and chassis are made entirely of stainless steel. The SP600 separates the moisture from the packaging which results in a lighter packaging flow and a saving of up to 50% in disposal costs. In addition, the separation process ensures a higher yield of organic product by squeezing out the packaging. The SP600 is suitable for a high capacity (30 m3 per hour) and a more controllable process due to the large diameter of the screw press.
The SP600 is an excellent machine for the following goals:

  • With the Ø 600 mm screw, the SP600 is perfect for big capacities (up to 30 m3 per hour). This also results in a longer time on which the product will be in the SP600 for cleaner product.
  • The SP600 is developed to dewater on the inside and outside, for a fully efficient dewatering process.
  • The included controls are designed to have an optimal loss in weight of the packaging and minimal wear of the machine. The controls are designed to adjust the power of the machine based on the input from the previous machine.
  • The pneumatic units of the SP600 make sure that there is a constant and an evenly distributed pressure around the packaging for better results.
  • More organic product for animal feed or biogas
  • Up to 50% reduction in disposal cost for your packaging

More information about the SP600 screw press can be found here.

Smicon has other methods for post processing organic streams or packaging for your most optimal results, which are already well known by our customers like the:

  • BS260 Belt Separator
  • WS800 Wind shifter

BS260 Belt Separator
The Smicon BS260 Soft Belt Separator can be used as a stand-alone depackaging machine. This BS260 is extremely suitable for removing food from their packaging on a smaller scale and in batch wise series. Most suitable is moist food products in plastic packaging. Furthermore, the belt separator can crush unpacked moist organic matter. In addition to the function as a stand-alone depackaging machine, the soft belt separator purifies the organic output of the SMIMO machines even further for a cleaner organic output of your process.

  • Control including integrated electric control panel 
  • Belt can be changed easily
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Evenly applied and adjustable pressure from the pressure roller on the drum

More information about the BS260 Soft Belt Separator can be found here.

WS800 Windshifter
The Smicon WS800 Windshifter is a robust system made entirely of stainless steel. The Windshifter separates products based on weight and product surface by using an adjustable airflow. The main purpose of the Windshifter is to separate contaminants from the plastics stream. The airflow circulates through the Windshifter. Also, there is the possibility to add an external airflow. By reducing wearing parts in the Windshifter, the maintenance costs are minimal.

  • Higher organic yield
  • Completely stainless steel
  • Increases capacity of the total depackaging process
  • Low maintenance effort because of minimal use of wearing parts
  • Various adjustment options for different types of product flows
  • Up to 30% reduction in disposal cost for your packaging

More information about the WS800 Windshifter can be found here.