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The start of Smicon
The start of Smicon

In 1980, Tonnie and Gerthy Smits started a one-man business in Wanroij (North Brabant). The name of the company became A. Smits Constructies bv. At that time, the activities consisted of supply and repair work in the agricultural sector, with the emphasis on construction work such as livestock housing and breeder feed installations.

After a few years, the share of brewery feed installations increased more and more. Pumps and piping are important product groups for these installations. In 1985, the company built its own premises. Manure processing and the construction of pumps on tankers also received more and more attention within the company.

In 1992, the company expands again. A new warehouse and an office were built. With the new building, there is now 1500 m² of space available. More and more construction work and machine building is done for sectors other than agriculture, such as industry and transport.

Customers from other sectors turn out to be more and more interested in the possibilities of the company, such as customers from the food industry, plastics processing industry, pharmacy and hospitals. In 1995, the development and research department is set up to develop products for these new sectors. In 1995, for example, a machine was developed for processing potato residue products.

Since then, our product range has grown considerably. In addition to existing products such as pumps, transport systems, piping and construction work, more and more equipment and machines are developed. In 1999, new premises were built especially for the processing and construction of stainless steel. With the construction of the new building, the total building area is 2250m². Industry, especially recycling and waste processing companies, are approached with more attention as a target group.

Contacts with foreign countries have been increasing since 1995. Partly with the help of companies and dealers, products are sold abroad. The machines and installations of Smicon are now also successful export products and these machines are running in many countries. Smicon currently exports to, among others, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada and South America.

To improve cooperation with the many international contacts, we changed our name in 2004 to Smicon bv. The previous and first name of the company, A. Smits Constructies bv, appeared to be too unclear to present ourselves properly on the international market.

In 2010 the company expands again. New premises were built for the assembly of turnkey projects and machines for customers at home and abroad. The internal logistics were also optimised and a new warehouse was built. With this new building, there is now 3000 m² available to our customers.

In 2011, the capacity of the project office for development, research and calculation/work preparation is expanded to 7 FTEs in order to be able to serve our target group and customers even better.

In 2014, the development of the first version SMIMO120 unpacking machine is started, which makes a new international customer group accessible for Smicon.

In 2022 Smicon presents a new corporate identity with focus on sustainability and growth. Due to the large international demand for recycling machines, Smicon has expanded its production again to a total area of 4000m2.