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Service that fits your process!
Service that fits your process!

At Smicon, the service of your equipment is of high importance. To let your installation perform optimally, good maintenance and rapid service are extremely important.

To be able to offer you a good service:

  •     We are available 24/7
  •     You can conclude maintenance contracts with us
  •     We carry out inspections to assess the condition of your machine and give advice on how to optimise its lifespan.
  •     We can always quickly provide you with the right parts
  •     Is the knowledge of our service engineers up to date
  •     We train your technical department or operators to make optimal use of the installation or machine.

Field service
Our service technicians are available all week to deliver machines, start installations, perform maintenance or carry out adjustments. In addition, our service technicians are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to solve problems.

Our service technicians all have a broad, solid professional knowledge and a VCA and forklift certificate. In addition, our service technicians have access to complete service vehicles, sufficient spare materials and good tools.

Internal service
Our office staff repair/rebuild for you various standalone machines, geared motors, pumps and shredders.