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Mono pump Smicon
Mono pump Smicon

Mono pump

Mono pumps, also known as screw pumps, are highly suitable for moving viscous, difficult to pump liquids. The two main parts in a screw pump are the rotating part, the steel or stainless steel rotor (worm), and the fixed part, the rubber-covered stator. The rotor rotates in the stator and pushes the product through the movable chambers.

Smicon is importer of high quality L&M pumps within the Benelux. L&M monopumps, which are manufactured in Germany, guarantee a very high life span, low maintenance and low maintenance costs. We supply the monopumps in bearing-seat or compact block design, where the coupling is directly attached to the drive. We also supply these pumps with an inlet funnel with an inlet screw for the coarser products.

These pumps have already been used for many years in the fresh produce and food processing industry, recycling and digestate and manure processing.