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Commissioning of Indian Smicon plants

Smicon indian plants

In 2021 Smicon has delivered and expanded a total of four installations in Goa, India. During COVID Smicon was not allowed to travel to India for on-site commissioning and training. All of that was done by our local partner and Smicon assisted remotely to make sure the installation was installed correctly before running product through the separation line.


To bring the needed Smicon expertise to the project to commission the installation and train the operations and technical staff for maintaining and operating the installation correctly, Smicon went on-site in Goa. With the commissioning a few weeks ago, Smicon streamlined the total process to a throughput of 16 tonnes (20 m³) due to our years of experience with our machines and different product streams. The installation consists of a storage bunker, a SMIMO120 and a WS800 windshifter.

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