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Foodwaste food production in France
Foodwaste food production in France

Residues from potato food production in France

Year: 2021

Location: Harnes, France

Type of product flow: Unpacked residual flow from food production

Project type: Mechanical installation


The residual streams from the potato food production are collected and processed in several steps for use in other products such as an organic stream for animal feed or fermentation.

The product is collected in a storage bunker which can also be completely sealed with a hydraulic lid. The product is then transported to a hopper where it can be mixed with other product from storage containers. This product is then cut by SMIDE shredders from Smicon. After this cutting step, the product is pumped to SMIMO grinders where the product is grinded into a very fine substance that can perfectly be processed further into other products.

The system is fully redundant and equipped with the highest and latest safety requirements.