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Environment & recycling

Since its foundation in 1980, Smicon has been engaged in development, engineering and supply of technical installations. The first years, recycling was a small part of the activities. Mid nineties, Smicon saw more possibilities in environment and recycling. Therefore, we decided to invest more in development for responsible processing of 'waste' and upgrading of residual streams.

These residual flows originate from the production and processing of foodstuffs and the agricultural sector. Smicon's accumulated knowledge, experience and investments in development have made the company successful in these sectors, both nationally and internationally. By using Smicon machines and installations, residual flows are converted into valuable reusable environmentally friendly residual product flows.

The environment and recycling sector not only concerns the processing of residual flows from food surpluses or production, but also the upgrading of waste flows such as household waste (MSW), plastic waste and other materials.

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