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Screw press Smicon
Screw press Smicon

Screw press

Since their introduction in 1998 the Smicon screw press SP280 and SP300 have proven their worth. These machines are ideally suited for the controlled filtering, dewatering and separation of various liquid waste and residue flows from industrial, organic and agricultural products.

Some foodstuffs can also be depackaged. With the help of an internal screw the liquid effluent is transported through the screw press. The resulting dewatered product, which can in many cases be stacked, exits the machine via the pressure housing. The counter-pressure in the delivery chamber can be adjusted with great accuracy. Consequently, the quality of both the effluent and the dry matter can be adjusted as desired.

We develop, engineer, produce and construct the SP280 and SP300 in house. The machines consume minimal energy, are low noise and are easy to maintain. The supply and discharge systems as well as the control unit can be entirely customised.