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Depackaging installation in India
Depackaging installation in India

Plant for processing organic streams in India

Year: 2021

Location: Goa, India

Type of product flow: Contaminated organic waste

Project type: Turn-key installation


A turn-key installation was delivered to this customer for processing the organic fraction from the collected household waste to make it suitable for fermentation. After a number of pre-processing steps, the product is deposited in a storage bunker after which it is processed by the SMIMO120 depackaging machine to separate the contaminants (mainly plastics and metals) still present in the organic flows to create a clean organic stream.

The separated stream is further processed by a WS800 Windshifter from Smicon to separate the remaining organic residues, which are suitable for fermentation, from the reject stream. This ensures a high organic yield of the processed product in the fermentation installation of the customer.

Smicon has delivered the installation turn-key from the Netherlands to India and has been commissioned on site by our service engineers. This ensures an optimal performing installation by the expertise of Smicon on site during commissioning and simultaneously training the operators of the customer.